Source: Zhejiang Overfly Electric Vehicle Co., LtdRelease time: 2023-09-04

Zhejiang Overfly Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd has passed UL certification in 2022 by UL the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. This is the affirmation of our products by an authoritative certification organization in the United States.

UL certificate means that customers can buy with confidence and use safely.It is also a prove to the quality of our products. Electrical Test, Mechanical Test and Environmental Test are included in UL Test requirements. The tests are very rigorous, therefore, the quality of our products is very convincing.

Currently, we have 8 representative models with UL certificates. These ebikes sell well in North America, which is a sign of trust to us. Besides,the official website of UL exhibits the name of our company. Every relevant information can be searched in its web. The UL Product IQ details about Zhejiang Overfly Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd are below:

Associated UL Category: QGNS

File No.:E527844

Name: QGNS.E527844-Electrical Systems for E-Bikes

Associated UL Category: QGNS7

File No.:E527844

Name: QGNS7.E527844-Electrical Systems for E-Bikes Certified for Canada

Our UL models include E-City, E-Trekking, E-Mountain and E-Fat. Which provide consumers with more choices.