Source: Zhejiang Overfly Electric Vehicle Co., LtdRelease time: 2023-09-04

June 21th-25th 2023, the 31st EURO BIKE Show was held in Frankfurt, Germany, as one of the world's largest bicycle shows, with a total of more than 1,900 exhibitors. "Hello, future" is the theme of this exhibition. It attracted 34,750 traders and 31,780 consumers.

Zhejiang Overfly Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd as one of exhibitors, took the latest and the most special ebike to the spot. The CEO Franklin, together with the elite team introduced the latest new launched products to professional customers who are interested.

Let’s know more about them:

①AURA upgraded with integrated display in stem, which with less cables and looks more concise , with a sense of technology. Equipped with the front and rear shelf can meet the daily commute for bags, luggage for even child seat. The newly upgraded MIK system is compatible with many accessories.

②FULLY CARBON, from the name can be seen that this is a carbon fiber frame ebike. Carbon fiber material can reduce the weight of the ebike, the less weight, could consume less energy but more fun while riding.

Equipped with Rock Shock Air bfull-suspension, SRAM NX 11S gear and BAFANG M510 Mid Motor make it outstanding performance.

③We bring many new E-cargos this time. Recent years, the sight of a electric cargo ebike gliding its way down a city cycle lane has become increasingly familiar, and for good reason. Usually laden with children, boxes, pets, surfboard. Multiple functions can be combined all in one. Like our WAGON, EGGER, UTI, CUPID, generally feature longer wheelbases and compact design , sturdy frames with large rear or front shelves.

④Our newly developed City SUV ARTEMIS, with all terrain design. A full-suspension electric bike has both the front fork suspension and a rear suspension shock. Both shocks work together to absorb most of the rocks, bumps, and uneven terrain and the vibrations that come with them. The full suspension also typically improves traction, control, and handling. Special tires, raised teeth distributed on both sides of the tires, extremely smooth and stable when turning .

Looking forward to our new meeting in June 2024 for the 32st EURO BIKE Show !