The difference between mountain bike and road bike

Source: Zhejiang Overfly Electric Vehicle Co., LtdRelease time: 2022-05-16

1. Tires

Road 700C is equivalent to 28", mountain is 26" wheel diameter; mountain bike tires are usually above 1.9" (1.5" may be chosen for special tracks), while road bike tires are mostly 20mm wide or less.

2. Handlebar control parts

Mountain in order to ride in the rugged mountain roads, the pursuit of control, the use of a wider handlebar, while the road pursuit of speed, reduce wind resistance, so the handlebar is narrower.

3. Frame

Mountain in the bumpy road, the consideration is the combination of light weight and hard, while the road consideration is the focus of pedaling rigidity, light weight. Road bikes are usually slimmer (in recent years aerodynamically designed frames are thicker), while mountain bikes are sturdier. The frame angle of a mountain bike is very specific, while the angle of a road bike is about the same. The axle of a mountain bike is thicker, while the axle of a road bike is more delicate. At present, with the use of production technology and high-tech materials, it is difficult to find any similarity between the two types of frames except for the basic structure.

4. Brakes

Mountain bikes need brakes with high force, strong braking power and all-weather braking system. Early mountain bikes used sling brakes, later V-brakes emerged to provide better braking performance, and now the best braking system is disc brakes, or disc brakes, introduced from motorcycles. The most important thing about road bikes, besides the braking power, is their light weight.

5. Front Fork

The fork of a mountain bike is an important part of a mountain bike, with high technology content, performance and comfort plus a combination of rigidity and light weight, while the fork of a road bike is only a part of the frame related parts.

6. Weight

The heavier the car is, the more energy you will consume, which in effect increases your excess consumption.


Mountain appearance gives a complex feeling, no road to give the feeling of simple and smooth, of course, some are not able to look at the appearance, need to look at the overall effect of the car, especially in the process of riding, will be appreciated. Mountain bike feels more stable, comfortable, and very good maneuverability and braking; all the design of the road bike is to emphasize speed, because of the narrow width of the tires on the road requirements, slippery road easily skid, less flexible.